Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Part Deux

Once Christmas actually rolled around, we stayed at my mom's house. She has a wood burning fire place that Heath LOVES. It could be 40 degrees out, and he wants to start a fire. Speaking of cold - It was cold. Very cold while we were in the States. We've grown accustomed to the tropical environment and me likey. A lot. 

The kids were completely spoiled at Christmas. This is the first year that Cayden kind of "got" the Santa Claus gig. We called Santa's special phone line, made lists, and everyday he would find something new he wanted for Christmas and wanted to be sure and let Santa know. Unfortunately, Cayden came down with a stomach bug on Christmas Eve! Poor little guy. He missed out on leaving Santa cookies. And wouldn't you know that Heath came down with it the next day. It was not good. 

I got a new camera for Christmas and what better way to break it in, than to drag the kids out in 10 degree weather to take their pictures. Really, it was like 25. 

My mom has had Bald Eagles at her house before, but they were in FULL force over Christmas.  You could look out and see a few in the trees, and then look over and there would be like 15 in a tree. I couldn't get very close, as much as I tried. But they are just so cool.

Here are some of the cows. They were very curious as to why I was wondering around the fields.

And the goats. They too were curious. But this was after we tied the Christmas tree to the golf cart to drop off in the goat field. There was a story on the news about how much goats liked them. We had a tree, we had some goats. Voila! Anyway, I was trying to teach Cayden the ways of the farm, like holding gates, and Snowflake (I'll let you guess which one that is) was very interested in Cayden. So Cayden ran for the golf cart, and I was left "shooing" goats so that I could get us through the gate, without letting any out. And I'll add it was 3 degrees out. No joke.

Christmas was great. We love getting to see all of our family, and we are very lucky that we only have to go 6 months at a time away from them. But I love me some warm weather! And I was glad to get back to Brasil, and to our routine. It's just easier to let the kids run like crazy in our house!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let's Play Catch Up

Making the trek home is stressful. Not that are kids are terrible, but it's just the knowing. Knowing that we have to survive 24 hours of car rides, plane rides, waiting for planes, feeding kids, going to the bathroom, getting luggage, etc. We've gotten pretty good at knowing how much the kids can handle. Cayden is a pretty good traveler. Beckham is our loose cannon. On the 10 hour, overnight flight, we give Cayden Dramamine and he will usually fall asleep soon after takeoff. Beckham is usually really mad by the time we take off. It's hours past his bedtime, he's ticked. On the way back to Arkansas, he fought it, but then fell asleep, and slept for like 3-4 hours... but then he got uncomfortable, he wanted to stretch out. Then he would only sleep on us. Thankfully Heath took a shift and we finally landed in Atlanta. And Heath and I NEVER sleep. So we are exhausted. 

This is on the flight from Atlanta to Arkansas. He was out, almost immediately. He's so cute when he sleeps. 

Like I said, Cayden is a pretty good traveler. Give him an iPad, some snacks ... He's usually good to go. 

We were in Arkansas for about 4 weeks. Two before Christmas, which meant we had a lot of running around to do, people to see. BUT, we did something a little different. We stopped in the middle of it all and went to the Great Wolf Lodge with the Kuhlows. Oh boy... Did those kids love that place. Cayden is still talking about it. 

Millie and Cayden kill me. They never miss a beat. Away from each other for months, and they pick up, right where we left them. 

Kristin had the best shirts made for the Fab Four.

I really hope Beckham and Sydney are great friends, too, someday.  They jabbered with each other at dinner, but they are still a little young. Of course, they haven't had the same history that Mills and Cayden have.

Are you surprised that this is how he acts? 48 hours of pure silliness.

On the last night, we went to the story telling. We were all sitting around, and the show started singing, and Millie got up to show us a few moves. Next thing I know, Cayden is up and giving Millie a smooch,... on the lips. I died. Cuteness. I have no idea why he did it. But they just laughed afterwards.

This was the sight every time they left the hotel room. Beckham probably leading the pack. That kid can RUN. Fast. Bow legs and all.

These were taken at the story time.. before the big Lip Smack! We had such a great time. It's definitely a place for kids, adults take a back seat, and that's okay. They loved the water park, and all Cayden wanted to do was go down the slides over and over again. He's getting really good at swimming and holding his breath, so it was nice to not have to hover over him.
I hope we get to do it again next year. Maybe this will be our tradition!

Next Post  - Our Annual Santa Picture.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Things We Do

Happy December! We are DAYS away from flying home. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand myself. My "Must Take Back to Brasil" List is in full swing, we are playing Christmas tunes, my sewing To Do list is nearly complete, and there is a three year old who is in "Santa Mode" all the time. 

Here is a phone dump that highlights a few of our activities. 

Things We Do:

We sit on the parachute while Mom drags us around the house.

We pose at random areas of foliage around the condominium. 
(I'll take any chance to get his photo with a normal smile)

We hang out on the coffee table watching TV in our underwear.

We watch Beckham take a photo and then attempt to replicate it. In case you didn't know they were brothers...

We sit in baskets, tubs and whatnot. You know, for fun.

We give ourselves a mustache with a black marker when Mom isn't watching. Prompting her to immediately take the markers away. FOREVER.

We swing. 

We dress up like a turkey. 

We decorate the tree in "Threes" because more is more, and less is less, and we let the three year old do the trimming. 

We put on our brother's shorts. 

We ride toddler bikes with adult helmets.

We climb on the back of the sofa and fling ourselves off of it. And we don't wear shirts. Or pants. (It's a miracle Cayden has shorts on.)

We believe there is no such thing as too many floatation devices. 

We wear goggles so that we can go "under." We actually have a pretty good swimmer on our hands.

We make silly faces in photos. 

We play with dough at the Pizza Bar and we bring our own chair. 

We make sure Thomas, Lightning McQueen, and The King are having fun too. 

We like to sit by our big brother to color because he really is our favorite person. 

We run to the park because that's what superheroes do. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cayden's Art Show

If there is one thing that Cayden's school does well, it's art. They are always painting stuff. In fact, at the end of each month we get a giant brown paper envelope the size of poster board stuffed with art. What do you do with it? I feel kind of bad throwing it away, but at this rate by the time we leave it will fill half the shipping container. Not really, but there is A LOT of it. 

Anyway, they had a Recycled Art Show at his school one Saturday to show off some of the up cycled goods. 

This is Cayden's silly face. All of my pictures are blurry phone shots. Sorry. Desculpe. 

His silly face photo is now in his room. Cayden loves school, which makes it easy for me to drop him off each day. In fact, since he no longer takes naps, we are thinking of letting him go until 3. I guess that means he's growing up...sniff, sniff. And to make it worse... Beckham will start going to school too in January!!