Sunday, February 7, 2016

Christmas in a Nutshell

There is a really good reason I should update this blog more frequently... I'm getting old and I can't remember things from two months ago. Sigh. 

We spent a few days over the actual Christmas holiday with my mom and family. The kids made cookies, chased cats and dogs, fed goats, road in the farm truck, and got a ride on the four wheelers from my grandma and grandpa. 

I try and get pictures of the kids together. We were so good at it when Beckham was less than a year; taking monthly shots of the boys. I just love seeing how much they've changed individually, but also how they changed together.

This shot is from Christmas last year (2014)!

And now, THIS!! Beckham (aka Repeat) trying to copy his brother!

And of course, not wanting to sit still.

I'm really trying to get better about getting in some of the shots with the kids. No matter what I look like, or what I'm wearing!

Here's a few bloopers from the family photo session. This one of Heath cracks me up.

Now that's a good one!

 My little boy is not so little anymore. He's a little less willing to take a "nice" picture, and more often than not - you get silly Cayden - which is fine, because it is a true representation of him!

Opening presents Christmas morning! They were VERY into Santa Claus this year. Cayden had made a lot of requests, but I think he was excited by everything! 

Aunt Sarah made the boys some super hero costumes! They put them through the ringer first thing!

And my baby boy. Who is a little less like a baby these days, and more like a little boy.

The Polar Express

I'm a little behind, sorry. The kids were really into The Polar Express this year. I would even venture to say that it was one of Beckham's favorite movies. We started talking to the kids about riding the Polar Express when we got to Arkansas, and they were pumped! We talked about seeing Santa Claus and having hot cocoa and cookies. 

We bought special pajamas to wear (Paw Patrol and Blaze), and donned our new coats to brace ourselves against the 30 degree temperatures! 

Cayden was really excited about his ticket wit the C on it.

Once the train started moving and the cocoa was served, they really enjoyed themselves. The train was kind of old, but the kids didn't mind. They read The Polar Express out loud to the guests. We saw some Christmas lights and there were some elves dancing along with way!

Santa Claus was pretty great. He was great at talking with the kids and joking with them. I have to say my favorite part was getting the bell!

Cayden has already requested to ride again next year! We chose the 4:45 time thinking that it would be better to eat after, but I think the 6 o'clock ride would be good next year - it seemed much less crowded!

Monday, December 21, 2015

And We're Back!

We've all been back in Arkansas (Home) for about a week. We've been on the run ever since, but are loving our time here. Several play dates with Millie and Sydney, the trampoline park, Christmas with family, and seeing lots of lights. 

Heath and I were talking about how much more fun it is to take the kids to do Christmas things, and really, anything. The spirit of the season is never more apparent than watching it through the eyes of your kids. Beckham has this noise he makes when he sees something new or something really cool - It's like a huge intake of air. It's really funny. 

Beckham rode a pony for the first time at the Fayetteville Square. Cayden watched, but didn't want to take the leap and actually get on the horse.

We have lots of fun activities already planned for the rest of our time here, and we are going to make sure we enjoy every minute of it. We took the boys to ride The Polar Express last week, and they LOVED it! We have also consumed a copious amount of terrible (really great and yummy) foods. Oh well, 'tis the season!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Juquehy 2.0

We made our way back to Juquehy a few weekends ago. We went last April (?) and had a pretty good trip, so we wanted to go again. It's really nice to get out of the city. Sao Paulo has a way of making you tired, and getting out and breathing some fresh air and relaxing is always good for the soul. 

The kids were excited. Last time, they weren't really into the sand and stuff. We spent most of the time at the pool, but this time was different. Isn't it amazing what 6 months can do. 

Cayden got a new kneeboard/boogie board and was itching to go "surfing." It's technically summer here, but there has been quite a bit of rain (all the time) and the temps haven't been too high (I'm definitely not complaining). With that in mind, the water was a little cool.  Juquehy isn't one of those Caribbean beaches, where you can swim and snorkel. It's definitely a surfers beach. Wave after wave, after wave. Beckham was determined NOT to get into the ocean. Thankfully by the last day, he would go in and jump some of the waves. 

We alternated our activities. We would go to the beach first and play in the sand, and the ocean. Then we would wash the sand off and go to the pool.

The weather the first day was gorgeous! I decided to torture my family and try to get some family photos. Some turned out better than others. We managed to get one that we put on our Christmas Card!

This is Beckham running in fear from the water. Silly kid.

We built some Sand Cities. A giant Crab, and a giant Sea Turtle. Our sand sculpture game is pretty strong, I'm not going to lie.

The last time we went to the beach, I was not in one. single. picture. I gave the camera over to Heath so that when the kids look back at these pictures, they will know I was there. 

Burying kids is always fun.

We went into this trip with a laid back attitude. We didn't push Beckham to nap, although by dinner at 7:30 each night, he was totally pooped. We just hung out and played as much as we could. It was a great trip. I'm hoping we can go back in a few months!

Here are some more photos: