Monday, December 1, 2014

Things We Do

Happy December! We are DAYS away from flying home. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand myself. My "Must Take Back to Brasil" List is in full swing, we are playing Christmas tunes, my sewing To Do list is nearly complete, and there is a three year old who is in "Santa Mode" all the time. 

Here is a phone dump that highlights a few of our activities. 

Things We Do:

We sit on the parachute while Mom drags us around the house.

We pose at random areas of foliage around the condominium. 
(I'll take any chance to get his photo with a normal smile)

We hang out on the coffee table watching TV in our underwear.

We watch Beckham take a photo and then attempt to replicate it. In case you didn't know they were brothers...

We sit in baskets, tubs and whatnot. You know, for fun.

We give ourselves a mustache with a black marker when Mom isn't watching. Prompting her to immediately take the markers away. FOREVER.

We swing. 

We dress up like a turkey. 

We decorate the tree in "Threes" because more is more, and less is less, and we let the three year old do the trimming. 

We put on our brother's shorts. 

We ride toddler bikes with adult helmets.

We climb on the back of the sofa and fling ourselves off of it. And we don't wear shirts. Or pants. (It's a miracle Cayden has shorts on.)

We believe there is no such thing as too many floatation devices. 

We wear goggles so that we can go "under." We actually have a pretty good swimmer on our hands.

We make silly faces in photos. 

We play with dough at the Pizza Bar and we bring our own chair. 

We make sure Thomas, Lightning McQueen, and The King are having fun too. 

We like to sit by our big brother to color because he really is our favorite person. 

We run to the park because that's what superheroes do. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cayden's Art Show

If there is one thing that Cayden's school does well, it's art. They are always painting stuff. In fact, at the end of each month we get a giant brown paper envelope the size of poster board stuffed with art. What do you do with it? I feel kind of bad throwing it away, but at this rate by the time we leave it will fill half the shipping container. Not really, but there is A LOT of it. 

Anyway, they had a Recycled Art Show at his school one Saturday to show off some of the up cycled goods. 

This is Cayden's silly face. All of my pictures are blurry phone shots. Sorry. Desculpe. 

His silly face photo is now in his room. Cayden loves school, which makes it easy for me to drop him off each day. In fact, since he no longer takes naps, we are thinking of letting him go until 3. I guess that means he's growing up...sniff, sniff. And to make it worse... Beckham will start going to school too in January!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hi. It's been awhile. It's really been some time since I've given everyone a status update on the boys. Not that there is anything wrong, but you know, the everyday stuff. The weight, the height, the likes, the dislikes, the quirks ...and trust me, there are plenty of quirks. 

I feel like I took so many pictures while we were in the US, and then there they sat, on my computer, just waiting to be rediscovered. So some of these are a few months old, some newer. 

It would probably be easiest to talk about the little stinkers separately and then as one. 

Cayden ( a.k.a. Cayden Rhys or Buddy, or Doodlebug)
Weight: 35 pounds
Height: 39 or 40 inches...I think.
Occupation: School, chatter bug, #1 Brother Pesterer, constant Christmas Present Notifier, Forgetter of Nothing!
Age: 3 Years and almost 4 months (wishes he was 5. Talks about it constantly and often is very insistent that he IS 5)

Likes: Spiderman, Ironman, superheroes, candy, treats, getting something special at the store, tennis, red chips from Kacey, Gabriel (at school), the number 5 (see above), the letter G (because of his friend Gabriel), ice cream, his Planes book (which is terribly long and much of which we kind of gloss over)

Dislikes: Things not going his way, whatever that may be. His brother. Sleeping in his own bed. 

* We have talked about Christmas and Santa Claus and so now every toy or thing he sees, he wants to add to his "list." It currently has about 50 items on it ranging from the Spiderman to Mega Bouncers (as seen on Henry Hugglemonster).

* He is obsessed with tennis. Wants to play, but is really too little. Mr. Egas is kind enough to humor him and play with him here and there. 

* He sings. Because of his slight delay of speech, he never really sang songs. Not now, he is quite good. They have been singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town at school, it's adorable. 

*He's obsessed with his classmate Gabriel. He wants to do everything he does. Wear socks with Crocs (uh, NO), take his Lightning McQueen suitcase to school, etc. The list goes on. 

Beckham (a.k.a. Little Stinker, or Beckham Connor)
Weight: 24 pounds
Height: 30 inches
Occupation: Whiner, Thrower of things off the balcony, Swirler of Stuff in the Toilet
Age: 1 Year and 4+ months

Likes: Food, lots and lots of food. Gummy Snacks, balls, playing in the toilet, throwing stuff off the balcony (including a remote to our TV), climbing everything, dancing, singing, going outside

Dislikes: Being told NO, not getting food when he wants it, not getting picked up when he wants, in general not getting what he wants.

*Beckham has had all 16 teeth for the last few months.

*He loves Cayden. He wants to do things like Cayden does. Cayden isn't wearing a shirt, Beckham takes his off. Cayden puts on big boy underwear, Beckham tries to do the same. I'm hoping this last one pays off when potty training rolls around.

*Sings. All the Time. Not anything recognizable, but its a constant, "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba."  He especially likes the theme songs to Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins. He also likes the ABC's.

*Likes to dance. Shake It Off is a favorite.

*He plays in the toilet. And NO, I do not let him. We try and keep all the doors to the bathrooms closed, but sometimes we slip up. He will wander off, and it's the silence that is telling. I usually take off running to find a trail of wet toilet paper and a huge puddle of toilet water in the bathroom.

*He throws toys and remotes off the balcony. We are just on the first floor, so no one is hurt, but every time he does it, he tattles on himself. He will be out there playing, and then come in and point and "tell" me that he has done something. He then leads me to the balcony where he points to the ground. I finally just had to learn the Portuguese word for Dropped (Caiu) so I could explain why we make frequent trips outside to look for stuff.

While we were home for the summer, Cayden was smitten with the four-wheeler. My Grandma would always come over in the evening and take him for a ride to check cows, or drive around and look at stuff. He misses that. We actually saw a four-wheeler dealership here in the city, and he said, "Look, It's Rah-Rah's four-wheeler!" We had to start taking the keys out of it while we were at my mom's because he figured out how to turn it on!

Beckham and I are together 24 hours a day. Most of the time it's good. We have our routine. But I think he would like to play with other kids sometimes. The problem is that the school that Cayden goes to, Beckham would go 8-11, 5 days a week. I'm just not sure if I want him gone that much. He is still so little, right?

It's pretty hard getting pictures of them together. And Cayden isn't the problem. Getting Beckham to sit still for more than a second is quite a task. They are rotten together. If they aren't picking on each other, then they are wrestling which turns violent and someone gets hurt, or one wants what the other's tiresome. I really hope they can get to the point of liking each other and playing together...without the violence. Cayden will often say, "Beckham Connor. What. Are. You. Doing?" I can't imagine where he gets that from?

As much as they zap the energy from me, they are cute, and I really can't imagine life without them. They are growing so fast. Cayden can recognize some words (Cat, Car, Dog), count to 15, dress himself, and if we would let him, probably serve himself breakfast.  We are excited about coming home for the holidays, and I know Cayden misses Millie!

*** From the top and bottom pictures, the kids are wearing the same shirts. These photos were taken about four months apart. Apparently it's all my kids wear.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Foz do Iguacu - Our First Brazilian Adventure

A few weeks ago we went on our first Brazilian adventure. Now, it wasn't the Amazon, so "adventure" may be a stretch, but it was a lot of fun. We went to Foz do Iguacu - which is a national park that holds a very large expanse of waterfalls. It puts Niagra to shame. Eleanor Roosevelt visited once and said, "Poor Niagra!"  

It was beautiful, even if it rained the whole time we were there. We stayed at the Belmond at Cataratas, which is the only hotel inside the park, and literally across the road from the falls. The hotel was beautiful and the food was great. And they all spoke English, which was kind of a relief not to have to struggle through Portuguese. Although, he is becoming quite fluent. 

We took the kids to the Bird Park that was just outside the park and it was really great. They had all kind of birds. And even though they were in "cages" or large open areas, the park itself was huge. Lots of stuff to see!
Cayden with some alligators or crocodiles. I never can remember which is which.

Poor Beckham. He was asleep in the carrier. He won't remember much of living in Brasil, but there are always pictures!

There is a tour you can take in a boat that basically drives you into the waterfalls. We figured they wouldn't let the kids on.... but they did!

We got soaked. The driver had a plastic poncho that we put over the kids to protect them as best we could. I think they liked it. They didn't scream or cry anyway.

This area is called "The Devils Throat." You can see the people on the walkway. They were decked out in lots of rain gear!
I took the one above on that walkway. Very quickly so my camera wouldn't get wet.

Because of all the rain, the falls were running at almost 3x their normal rate. It was very impressive

We would like to go back when it is sunny and maybe hike the Argentinian side. We had a great time and the kids did really well. Maybe not so much at dinner time, but over all they were troopers. Our next adventure takes us to the beach for Thanksgiving. I promise, I will post before then!