Thursday, April 3, 2014


Ball of Energy. Singer of "That's His Name" Songs. Pants Optional Wearer. Blue Chocolate Milk Drinker. Treat Lover. Reluctant Napper. Best Hugger. Sweetest Kisser. Daily Painter. 

This kid. This boy. This little person gives me a run for my money every. single. day. He tries my patience. He pushes my buttons. He steps to the line I've drawn, and attempts to jump over it. I know that what I'm seeing now are just glimpses into the person he will be, and not in a bad way. He's two. I'm looking for his gifts. I know they are somewhere in all that he is. I read an article about looking for the gifts your children possess, and helping to plant seeds in hopes of growing those talents and gifts. They can be as simple as organization. Or being a helper. I'm looking. 

He loves school. As a teacher, I hope that he will always love school. He LOVES art. He loves painting, and drawing, and hands-on activities. I think he inherited my crafty soul. 

School has been better. He's been having "good days." When I walk in to get him in the afternoon, he says, "Me no Hit." We've been working a lot at home on this. We pray at night that we are to help our friends, and not to hit or kick them. Heath and I have been focusing more on the positive than on the negative in his behavior which is really better for all of us. It's not that we ignore it, we just discipline and then move on. It's working for us. 

His new obsession is Cars. He has 10 or so mini Cars, and he likes it when you pull up Cars characters on Google images. Then he scrolls through them and asks you what their names are a million times. 

 He is also obsessed with his birthday. Anytime he sees something he wants. He wants it for his birthday. Ironman? Dinosaur cake? Cars? Ice cream? Appearances by Woody and Buzz Lightyear? All of it. 

 He likes sticks and leaves. Chocolate. He doesn't like talking to people on FaceTime, but generally warms up towards the end. He would rather run around in his underwear, but will put on shorts for company. Speaking of shorts: We went to the Clube the other day to order dinner (At some point I will post about the fact that I can't/refuse/don't want to cook). I was talking to a few ladies while Cayden was running around when all of a sudden, I find myself watching Cayden slip his shorts off, and start slapping them in a puddle of water. So there he was, with out shorts, in his undies (in public). 

 He started making up songs that go something like this, "Lightning McQueen is his name. Lightning McQueen is his name." Insert any name you wish, it works. 

As much trouble as he gets into, man I love that kid. He gives the sweetest kisses on your cheek, and always wants to give "Big Hugs." When I see him around other kids, I know he is a good one. He plays well with kids at the park, and even with the kids at school. His love for everyone I think is just bursting to get out. The other afternoon at school, I witnessed him giving his signature Big Hug to a smaller kid in his class. It might have been a little too hard. And maybe a little unwelcomed, but I know in the future that he will be a great friend to have. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beckham Connor - 9 months

Beckham Connor has reached the ripe old age of 9 months. I love getting to spend some one on one time with him during the day. Not that we do anything special or spectacular, but it's just nice to play and go about things at our own pace. Plus, he takes a morning nap, so that means I get a little "me" time in as well.

I set the timer on my camera for a shot of the two of us. I cropped my head, but that's okay. There's a movement on social media called #embracethecamera. Basically it encourages moms to step out from behind the lens and get in the shots too, so that your kids will have pictures of you later in life. I'm sure this will be a treasured photo. (sarcasm)

Beckham's Info:

Eating: He nurses every 3-4 hours.... during the day. He is also been nursing 2-3 times at night. GAH. I know. I have no words for why I let this continue, other than it's easier. It's easier to nurse him and go right back to sleep. I should be ashamed but, I deal with the reality of this horrible habit later. 
~ He eats baby food really well, most of the time. I've made pears, carrots, and such. I need to start chunking up stuff. I tried to feed him a steamed carrot today, and that we over like a lead brick. He basically gagged until he threw up. Nice, right? Now the kicker is, that he will eat carpet fuzz with no problem. Weirdo. 

Sleeping: See above. He's a pretty good napper. We do have some days where he thinks 20 minutes is good enough. But those are few and far between. 

Stats: He's 22 pounds of pure meat. He's big. At least 26+ inches. Pulls up on everything, and then he acts like he will stand up in the middle of the room, but doesn't. He wears size 4 diapers. Clothing ranges. Apparently I sold most of the 12 month stuff of Cayden's, so we've put him in a few 18 month items. Realistically, he wears 12 month. 

 In the last two pictures, he was enjoying tossing the sticker over the side of the chair, and then waiting for me to pick it back up. stinker. 

One Month:
 Two Month:
 Three Month:
 Four Month:
 Five Months:
 Seven Months:
 Eight Months:
 Nine Months:

We're pretty sure he says Mama, and I'm certain I heard Dada the other day. He likes to mimic Cayden's sounds. He was making Lalalala sounds earlier today too. 

I've started mentally preparing for his first birthday. We will be back in the US, so that makes it a little easier. I will have to take into consideration his allergies, as far as a smash cake goes, and that we went a little overboard for Cayden's 1st. Not that we should compare, but we want to be fair. 

Oh Beckham, 
Your laugh is contagious, and that smile definitely wins the hearts of everyone you meet. It's hard to believe that you will be a year old in just a few short months. You love Cayden so much, and you've even started your own version of wrestling. Unfortunately this often involves hair pulling and biting, but you can tell you love it. Ha! You complete our family so perfectly, little man. 

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our House

I guess I haven't really said much about getting our stuff. Not that it was bad, trust me, it isn't, it has been fabulous! We could have made do with little. We would have survived. But there in nothing like sleeping in your own bed, and just seeing and functioning with your own stuff. Nothing like it. 

I guess I still don't feel completely settled. We are in the process of having AC installed (Thank Goodness), there is dust everywhere, so my painting is unfinished. The guest room is still a mess, but it's slowly coming together. 

Here are a few pictures of our house. The kitchen is the most updated in the apartment, and is really spacious. There is a TV there, so Cayden can watch cartoons at breakfast. Behind the kitchen is the laundry area, but I think I've mentioned that before.

Dining Room. Obviously a work in progress. The big square on the wall is where we tested out the painted color, and then painted over it. 

Cayden's Room. The rugs have been heavenly. Noise reducers and a good place to play!

Beckham's Room. I like his the best. I think it's the soothing colors. Whites and grays. 

Our room. I really like it. I even told Heath that when we get back home I would like to put hardwood in our bedroom. I like the feel and look of the rug. 

The guest room. It's ready, kind of. But it CAN be ready for whomever wants to join us. Really. The weather is great. There is a pool. You have your own bathroom. Any takers? I promise to take out the toys when you get here!

These two. It is a daily prayer that God gives me patience and that my kids remember and feel love from me. There are days where I'm not nice.  My tone is negative, and I can only seem to focus on the negative. I'm trying. But reality is that this job is hard. Sometimes it's day by day, sometimes minute by minute, but I really wouldn't change it for anything. They need me. Tomorrow they will too. A few years from now they may not. 

So tomorrow is a new day, full of new possibilities, and full of grace. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What We Do

This post is primarily a photo dump from my phone. I take pictures. I post pictures to Instagram and Facebook, sometimes with a witty remark, but usually no backstory. We've settled into a pretty nice routine here in Brasil, and we are doing pretty good. 

Cayden loves school. We are working on issues with pushing, taking toys from others, and sometimes hitting. We have the same problems at home. I'm not really sure if there is a particular method to use, but we try to be consistent. I'm focusing more on positive interactions. Hugging more. Pointing out the good things he does. Honestly, if I don't, it can get pretty grim in here, when you are constantly saying No, counting to 3, etc. 

Carnaval was last week, so school was out for three days. The Friday before the holiday they had a party at school. The kids could dress up as whatever they wanted. This also coincided with our stuff arriving two days before. Therefore I was in no mood to hunt up a costume, so I made one. We had the Superman shirt and the mask, all we needed was a cape! Voila!

Now, he may appear to be a willing costume wearer in the picture, but he had nothing to do with it after this shot. He took it to school, refused to wear it, and that's okay. He might like it better someday. 

There is a mall not too far from our house. It only take about 20 minutes to get there if there is light traffic. They were having a dinosaur exhibit that I thought Cayden would like. Plus, it was an excuse to leave the house. 

He LOVED it. In fact, for several days after he wanted to go back. It felt weird telling him the dinosaurs had moved or went somewhere else. I mean, how do you explain extinction to a 2.5 year old. 

We try our best to get to the pool on the weekends. Heath can usually squeeze time in to go with us, and it's better for Cayden to have someone in there with him. He can be pretty fearless. 

Cayden has his moments with Beck. I love this picture. They both look focused and willing to play nicely. 

 Beckham is quite mobile. He is minutes away from moving to a real crawl instead of the army crawl. He tries pulling up on stuff. He's everywhere. Into everything. 

Kristin have me some StickyGrams before we moved of all the kids. They are so fun to look at. Cayden likes to rearrange them, but mostly he asks to go to the red park with Mill. I can't wait to actually take him in a few short months!!

The weather is beautiful here. I can't say that enough. We are hoping in the next month to take a small trip to the countryside. I know we are supposed to go to the beach first, but I'm not sure what Beckham would do. He's not one to just sit on a towel and play. So for now we are looking at a place that has horses, a small petting zoo, a pool, and lots of land.